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Advanced Taiwan Ocean Prediction System


This is mpiPOM - mpi version of the Princeton Ocean Model (POM)

POM was developed by Alan Blumberg and George Mellor with contributions by Leo Oey, Steve Brenner and others.PrincetonNewPOMPage
The mpi implementations were by Toni Jordi:sbpom
This version now incoorporates many features developed for the Princeton Regional Ocean Forecast System by L.Oey & colleagues and implemented into mpiPOM by Ayumi Fujisaki, Fanghua Xu, Eda Chang & Hung-Fu Lu.
These features include: various open boundary schemes, data-assimilation schemes: SSHA, ADCP, drifter & T/S, wave-enhanced BBL, tides, winds and rivers, 4th-order PG scheme and other things
Some references are:

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This program is freely distributed in the hope that it will spur ocean modeling activities that can provide us with feedbacks and improvements which in turn can benefit the ocean modeling community at large. Please register and agree to the mpiPOM End User License Agreement in:ATOP

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Please acknowledge Toni Jordi and the above quoted references if you use this software.

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