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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-02-25 | Count:71


Title: The Interactive Behavior in a Coupled Solid and Fluid System


Solid and fluid bodies are the main natural components in the world. Rock, soil, and fluid construct the hydrogeology and engineering geology fields. The interactive phenomena between coupled solid and fluid bodies are complex and their mechanisms play an important role for these disciplines. Therefore, the investigation and realization of the coupled interactive phenomena between solid and fluid bodies can enhance the scientific development and engineering applications in the hydrogeology and engineering geology disciplines. Poroelasticity is the commonly used theory to describe the solid and fluid coupled system. Uncertainty is an important issue for modeling. Therefore, a coupled stochastic poroelastic theory is proposed and a FORTRAN numerical code is developed to solve several fundamental scenarios in this study. Right now, a one-dimensional model is developed to simulate loading, discharge, and thermal influences in the coupled system. The issues include land subsidence, consolidation test, reversed groundwater level variation, and thermal-hydraulic-mechanical models. The stochastic results provide not only the mean behavior but also the correlation and uncertainty of the variables through the covariance solutions. This study provides the mechanism between coupled solid and fluid interactive phenomena which is the fundamental to understand the coupled system.

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