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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2019-12-27 | Count:113

Title: Runup of Laboratory-Generated Breaking Long Waves on Uniform Slopes


      In this study, we demonstrate that the normalized runup heights for breaking solitary and periodic waves can be characterized by a single dimensionless parameter, called the surf parameter, which is defined by a theoretical wave-breaking criterion. Existing laboratory data for both breaking solitary and periodic waves were collected and are summarized. Breaking waves include surging, plunging, and spilling breakers. To enhance the range of surf parameters for breaking solitary waves, a set of new laboratory experiments was carried out in a large-scale wave flume with a 1/100 slope.
The maximum runup heights and the corresponding breaker types were recorded.
      When the laboratory data were plotted against the surf parameter, they collapsed into a trend, which can be described by a best-fit curve. This empirical formula has been further examined with additional data, such as successive solitary waves on a uniform smooth slope and solitary waves on uniform rough slopes, showing that the proposed approach can be used to provide a quick estimation of maximum runup height for long waves in the laboratory scale.

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