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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2019-10-29 | Count:95


Title: Modeling landslide-generated tsunamis with long-wave equations


Landslides are recognized as a generation mechanism of tsunamis. One of the main challenges in studying landslide-generated tsunamis is the highly limited information on the motion and properties of real tsunamigenic landslides. Acknowledging the uncertainty in the landslide motion and the futility in assuming a complex landslide model, we focused on understanding the fundamental mechanics of the wave generation process in idealized scenarios, for which the problem can be parameterized with important landslide parameters. Closed-form analytical solutions were obtained for such scenarios. The volume of a landslide, as opposed to its exact shape, was shown to have the greatest impact on the leading tsunami wave generated by the landslide. Therefore, in modeling, it is more important to match the landslide volume than to match the exact landslide shape. Based on both analytical solutions and numerical simulations, we proposed criteria to predict whether nonlinearity is important and whether frequency dispersion is important in a landslide tsunami problem, which inform the proper wave generation model to use. Lastly, combining the findings of this study, we constructed a closed-form semi-analytical landslide tsunami generation model, which, without the need for computation, outputs a landslide tsunami wave profile given relevant input parameters. Future work includes applying the new landslide tsunami generation model to assess the landslide tsunami hazard in South China Sea and waters surrounding Taiwan, and extending the analysis to storm surges.


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