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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2018-12-19 | Count:168

Title: Forest and the atmosphere: from flux measurement to the forest dynamics modeling


I have been focusing on the micrometeorological phenomena within and above the forest canopy, to clarify the mechanism of interaction between forest and the atmosphere, and to evaluate the energy, water and carbon cycling over the terrestrial ecosystems quantitatively. Eddy covariance flux measurement forms the core of these studies because the fluxes are controlled by a large number of interacting physical, chemical, biological, and ecological processes in forests. Besides, to understand and clarify the integrated controls of plant and soil moisture on fluxes and forest dynamics, and to assess the risk of future climate change on forests, I have also been working on the development of a terrestrial ecosystem dynamics model. In this seminar, some results of flux measurements and modeling will be presented.

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