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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-09-25 | Count:553

Title: Simulating Reactive Chemical Transport in Subsurface


Interactions among geochemical reactions, physical transport, and changes in hydraulic properties due to precipitation and dissolution within subsurface domain are important to waste disposal and remediation activities. This presentation describes the development and application of HYDROGEOCHEM, a mechanistically based numerical model for simulation of coupled fluid flow and reactive chemical transport in variably saturated media. Theoretical bases and numerical implementations are summarized, and example problems are simulated to demonstrate the necessity of considering the coupling between fluid flow and reactive chemical transport. Parameters retrieved from experiments should be examined by numerical simulations for feasibility. Breakthrough curves from a series of column experiments, including different column lengths and flow rates, of a conservative tracer, tritium oxide (HTO), and a radionuclide, cesium, in crushed granite are simulated to demonstrate how modeling can avoid inaccurate determinations of retardation factor from experiments. This presentation exemplifies the need for innovative numerical algorithms to solve problems involving stiff geochemical reactions.

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