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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2018-04-26 | Count:384


Title: The Impact of ENSO to the South China Sea during ENSO decaying winter-spring using a regional coupled model


Previous studies have suggested the ocean dynamics in the South China Sea (SCS) plays an important role on the local air-sea process and regional weather/climate system. This study uses a high-resolution regional coupled model to investigate the SCS response to the remote ENSO forcing and the related air-sea interactions. An anomalous anticyclonic/cyclonic circulation in the low-level atmosphere affects surface and subsurface SCS during winter-spring after a developed El Nino/La Nina. The pattern of surface temperature anomalies in the SCS associated with ENSO varies spatially and temporally. The remote impact of the North Equatorial Current (NEC) variation shows the dominant role controlling the interannual variability of the winter Kuroshio intrusion into the SCS, resulting in varying heat and water exchange between SCS and western Pacific and modified the circulations in the SCS. Heat budget analysis shows different contributions of surface heat flux and ocean advection in the SST variation between winter and spring. The relative contributions of the variability in the ocean and atmosphere associated with ENSO in the exchange of energy across the air-sea interface are different between northern and southern SCS.

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