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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-11-13 | Count:473
  Title: A Dynamic Study of Seasonal Upwelling in the Equatorial Atlantic Region Abstract: A simple theory is proposed based on the framework of the Zebiak-Cane model to demonstrate that the equatorial upwelling seasonal cycle is controlled by both the locally wind-driven Ekman proce... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-10-17 | Count:469
  Title: 基隆-金山海嘯的沉積作用、再現間隔、與可能成因 Abstract: 歷史記載1867年基隆與金山遭受海嘯侵襲,和平島與金山平原的調查也發現相關的堆積物;不過只在金山發現另一次古事件的堆積物。為了評估海嘯的再現間隔,本團隊進行更前期古海嘯堆積物的調查。 結果發現在和平島、金山獅頭山、與金山平原中,都各有3到4次海相事件堆積層。在和平島海拔6到12公尺的海崖,除了1867年生物碎屑礫石層,有三層夾在土壤層中的浮石與砂岩圓礫層。在獅頭山海拔3到5公尺的海崖,有三層夾在土壤層中的浮石與砂岩圓礫層。在金山平原距海500到800公尺的河岸鑽井,除了之前發... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-09-26 | Count:610
Title: Role of biopolymers in the biogeochemical cycle of tracers in the sea Abstract: Natural radioisotopes have long been used as tracers in oceanography. However, the molecular basis for many of the tracer applications to marine particle cycling remains poorly understood, especially the inte... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-09-25 | Count:585
Title: Simulating Reactive Chemical Transport in Subsurface Abstract: Interactions among geochemical reactions, physical transport, and changes in hydraulic properties due to precipitation and dissolution within subsurface domain are important to waste disposal and remediation activities. This... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-09-22 | Count:570
Title: Turbulence and its Simulation Time: 14:00-16:30
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2017-09-22 | Count:439
Sep/26/2017: Prof. Yign Noh’s Speech: Title: Investigation of turbulent mixing process in the upper ocean by using large eddy simulation (LES) Abstract: Turbulent mixing in the upper ocean plays an important role not only in ocean dynamics and air-sea interaction, but also in various other... Read More