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Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-12-14 | Count:38
  Title:  影像分析量化技術在海洋工程、近岸環境及大氣科學之應用 Applications of imagery-based quantification techniques in marine engineering, nearshore environment, and atmospheric sciences   Abstract: Imagery-based quantification techniques are crucial and popular tools in investigating a va... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-10-06 | Count:65
  Title: 計算流體力學在業界上的應用 Abstract: 流體力學以及熱傳的問題跟工業界息息相關,將工程問題以合理的假設和適切的數學模型,透過數值方法分析問題,將有助於問題的分析並可進行最佳化設計,裨益於產業發展。 此次演講將以三個主題;脫硫塔設計,3D雷射燒結,以及風場評估等算例探討計算流體力學在工程上的運用。... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-09-07 | Count:131
  Title: Path of the momentum from typhoons into the upper ocean Abstract:  Tropical cyclones as severe weather systems born in the tropical ocean, can cause devastating damages to the coastlines, such as the storm surges. For the response of the upper ocean to the tropical c... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-09-04 | Count:125
  Title: Using Numerical Simulations and Field/Lab. Experiments to Study the Riverbed Scouring Abstract: Taiwan is located at the subtropics zone of the West Pacific Ocean. It is frequently struck by typhoons with raging storms and heavy rains during the raining seasons. That results... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-09-02 | Count:127
  Title: Development of A Multilevel Well System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Technology and Its Application on Aquifer Characterization Abstract: Groundwater monitoring well is crucial to observe aquifer status. Well cluster and nested well are usually employed to measure the multi-depth... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-06-04 | Count:205
  Title: Dynamics and Variability of Topography-induced Shear Instabilities in Western Boundary Currents Abstract: Shear instability is one of the most important turbulence generation mechanisms in the ocean, in which flow instabilities develop in stratified shear flows and domina... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-05-25 | Count:183
  Title: Supporting Water Resources Outlooks with Short-Term Climate Forecasting - Experiences and Challenges Abstract: Having an annual rainfall of 2,500 mm/yr in Taiwan, water resource management is still a challenging issue to our society due to significant spatial and temporal... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-04-22 | Count:191
  Title: Global sea level and waves in a warming climate Abstract:  I will explain how and why sea level and surface waves have changed due to a warming climate and altered wind pattern, pointing out particular vulnerable coastal regions around the globe.
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-04-09 | Count:169
Addressing the Water-Energy-Food-Land Nexus: A Fundamental Crossroads of the 21st Century Shu-Yuan Pan Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan ROC *E-mail: Abstract “No hunger”, ‘‘Clean water and sanitation” and ‘‘afforda... Read More
Tseng, Tsu-Lun - ALL News | 2020-02-26 | Count:169
  Title: Tropical cyclone rapid intensification Part II: Can warm eddies trigger rapid intensification? Abstract: Can a warm ocean eddy cause a passing tropical cyclone to rapidly intensify (maximum 10-m wind speed increases more than 15 m/s/24 hours)? Many studies have suggested an ... Read More